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Buy CBG Hemp Flower

Boost your appetite and mind with our delicious CBG hemp flowers. Each hand-trimmed CBG hemp flower boasts exceptional flavors and aromas that will leave your mouth watering for more. Buds from this CBG rich strain are small and dense. They emit a fresh fragrance comparable to fresh pine needles, chamomile, and citrus. Our CBG flowers produce a smooth and clean drag, making her an excellent choice for dry vaporizers, rolls, or bongs. The flavor is sweet and subtle, where users tend to report tangerine, lemon, and honey notes. Now, the CBG flowers do pack-a-punch! Her CBG levels range between 14% to 18% making her a good choice for those looking to harness the benefits of the entourage effects. CBG hemp flowers contain less than 0.3% THC (compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill); as a result, they will not produce intoxicating effects. Nevertheless, CBG hemp flowers can clear the head and improve concentration making it a great choice for daytime use.


What is a CBG Flower?

CBG, aka Cannabigerol, is another well-known cannabinoid that’s been derived from CBGA. Now, CBG is considered a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, so it’s not going to elicit intoxicating effects. It’s often compared to CBD (Cannabidiol) as some research suggests that it may have therapeutic properties.


What’s the Difference between CBG and CBD?

No doubt, CBG, and CBD have often been compared to one another. While both these cannabinoids possess no psychotropic effects, there are a few differences to consider. Research shows that CBG hemp flowers may provide:

  • Anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects
  • Improve energy levels
  • Stimulate one’s appetite, and
  • Increase focus and concentration

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1 grams, 14grams, 28grams, 3.5 grams, 3.5grams with glass jar, 454 grams (1 pound) (Indoor), 454 grams (1 pound) (Outdoor), 56grams, 7 grams, 7grams with glass jar


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